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Kidney fibrosis in hypertensive rats: role of oxidative stress.
Zhao, Wenyuan Chen, Sue S Chen, Yuanjian Ahokas, Robert A Sun, Yao
American journal of nephrology (Am. J. Nephrol.),vol(28), issue(4),  
Chemical composition and biological activities of essential oils extracted from Korean endemic citrus species.
Baik, Jong Seok Kim, Sang-Suk Lee, Jung-A Oh, Tae-Heon Kim, Ji-Young Lee, Nam Ho Hyun, Chang-Gu
Journal of microbiology and biotechnology (J. Microbiol. Biotechnol.),vol(18), issue(1),  Jan.2008
Imbalance in the antioxidant defense system as a possible cause of decreased compensatory and adaptive reserves in youths with mitral valve prolapse.
Chepurnenko, S A
Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine (Bull. Exp. Biol. Med.),vol(143), issue(5),  May.2007
Protective action of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum) seed polyphenols against alcohol-induced protein and lipid damage in rat liver.
Kaviarasan, S Sundarapandiyan, R Anuradha, C V
Cell biology and toxicology (Cell Biol. Toxicol.),vol(24), issue(5),  Oct.2008
Antioxidant activity and cytotoxicity study of the flavonol glycosides from Bauhinia galpinii.
Aderogba, M A McGaw, L J Ogundaini, A O Eloff, J N
Natural product research (Nat. Prod. Res.),vol(21), issue(7),  Jun.2007
In vitro antioxidative activities of three marine oligosaccharides.
Wang, Peng Jiang, Xiaolu Jiang, Yanhua Hu, Xiaoke Mou, Haijin Li, Man Guan, Huashi
Natural product research (Nat. Prod. Res.),vol(21), issue(7),  Jun.2007
Effect of vitamin A and/or E on plasma enzymatic antioxidant systems and total antioxidant capacity of broiler chickens challenged with carbon tetrachloride.
Mahmoud, K Z Hijazi, A A
Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition (J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr (Berl)),vol(91), issue(7-8),  Aug.2007
Cell protection induced by beta-sitosterol: inhibition of genotoxic damage, stimulation of lymphocyte production, and determination of its antioxidant capacity.
Paniagua-Pérez, R Madrigal-Bujaidar, E Reyes-Cadena, S Alvarez-González, I Sánchez-Chapul, L Pérez-Gallaga, J Hernández, N Flores-Mondragón, G Velasco, O
Archives of toxicology (Arch. Toxicol.),vol(82), issue(9),  Sep.2008
Antioxidant vitamin and mineral supplements for preventing age-related macular degeneration.
Evans, J R Henshaw, K
The Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Cochrane Database Syst Rev),vol(), issue(1),  Jan.2008
Intracellular GSH levels rather than ROS levels are tightly related to AMA-induced HeLa cell death.
Han, Yong Hwan Kim, Suhn Hee Kim, Sung Zoo Park, Woo Hyun
Chemico-biological interactions (Chem. Biol. Interact.),vol(171), issue(1),  Jan.2008
Alterations in mitochondrial respiratory functions, redox metabolism and apoptosis by oxidant 4-hydroxynonenal and antioxidants curcumin and melatonin in PC12 cells.
Raza, Haider John, Annie Brown, Eric M Benedict, Sheela Kambal, Amr
Toxicology and applied pharmacology (Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol.),vol(226), issue(2),  Jan.2008
Durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.) cultivars as nutritional supplementation to rat's diets.
Leontowicz, Hanna Leontowicz, Maria Haruenkit, Ratiporn Poovarodom, Sumitra Jastrzebski, Zenon Drzewiecki, Jerzy Ayala, Alma Leticia Martinez Jesion, Iwona Trakhtenberg, Simon Gorinstein, Shela
Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association (Food Chem. Toxicol.),vol(46), issue(2),  Feb.2008
Genetic and pharmacologic manipulation of oxidative stress after neonatal hypoxia-ischemia.
Sheldon, R Ann Christen, Stephan Ferriero, Donna M
International journal of developmental neuroscience : the official journal of the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience (Int. J. Dev. Neurosci.),vol(26), issue(1),  Feb.2008
Mitochondrial uncoupling proteins--what is their physiological role?
Echtay, Karim S
Free radical biology & medicine (Free Radic. Biol. Med.),vol(43), issue(10),  Nov.2007
Why clinical trials of vitamin E and cardiovascular diseases may be fatally flawed. Commentary on "The relationship between dose of vitamin E and suppression of oxidative stress in humans".
Blumberg, Jeffrey B Frei, Balz
Free radical biology & medicine (Free Radic. Biol. Med.),vol(43), issue(10),  Nov.2007
Neuroprotective antioxidant STAZN protects against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury.
Ley, James J Prado, Ricardo Wei, Jian Qin Bishopric, Nanette H Becker, David A Ginsberg, Myron D
Biochemical pharmacology (Biochem. Pharmacol.),vol(75), issue(2),  Jan.2008
Augmented oxidative stress as well as antioxidant capacity in maternal circulation in preeclampsia.
Harsem, Nina K Braekke, Kristin Staff, Anne Cathrine
European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology (Eur. J. Obstet. Gynecol. Reprod. Biol.),vol(128), issue(1-2),  
Exercise training and the antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid in the treatment of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.
Henriksen, Erik J
Free radical biology & medicine (Free Radic. Biol. Med.),vol(40), issue(1),  Jan.2006
Antagonistic effects of nobiletin, a polymethoxyflavonoid, on eosinophilic airway inflammation of asthmatic rats and relevant mechanisms.
Wu, Yu-Qing Zhou, Cheng-Hua Tao, Jin Li, Sheng-Nan
Life sciences (Life Sci.),vol(78), issue(23),  May.2006
Butyl hydroxytoluene (BHT)-induced oxidative stress: effects on serum lipids and cardiac energy metabolism in rats.
Faine, L A Rodrigues, H G Galhardi, C M Ebaid, G M X Diniz, Y S Fernandes, A A H Novelli, E L B
Experimental and toxicologic pathology : official journal of the Gesellschaft fur Toxikologische Pathologie (Exp. Toxicol. Pathol.),vol(57), issue(3),  Jan.2006
[Chocolate as wonder drug].
Lengauer, Evelyn
Kinderkrankenschwester : Organ der Sektion Kinderkrankenpflege (Kinderkrankenschwester),vol(26), issue(1),  Jan.2007
On the antioxidant properties of three synthetic flavonols.
Montaña, M P Pappano, N Giordano, S O Molina, P Debattista, N B García, N A
Die Pharmazie (Pharmazie),vol(62), issue(1),  Jan.2007
[Oxidative stress in end stage renal disease: evidence and association with cardiovascular events in Tunisian patients].
Fellah, Hayet Feki, Moncef Souissi, Malek Ghorbel, Hayet Ben Abdallah, Taieb Massy, Ziad Hedhili, Abderrazek Ben Maiz, Hedi Lacour, Bernard Kaabachi, Neziha Mebazaa, Abderraouf
La Tunisie medicale (Tunis Med),vol(84), issue(11),  Nov.2006
Efficacy of alpha-lipoic acid against diabetic cataract in rat.
Kojima, Masami Sun, Li Hata, Ikuho Sakamoto, Yasuo Sasaki, Hiroshi Sasaki, Kazuyuki
Japanese journal of ophthalmology (Jpn. J. Ophthalmol.),vol(51), issue(1),  
Shilajit: a review.
Agarwal, Suraj P Khanna, Rajesh Karmarkar, Ritesh Anwer, Md Khalid Khar, Roop K
Phytotherapy research : PTR (Phytother Res),vol(21), issue(5),  May.2007

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