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INSIG2 polymorphism is neither associated with BMI nor with phenotypes of lipoprotein metabolism.
Boes, Eva Kollerits, Barbara Heid, Iris M Hunt, Steven C Pichler, Michaela Paulweber, Bernhard Coassin, Stefan Adams, Ted D Hopkins, Paul N Lingenhel, Arno Wagner, Stefanie A Kronenberg, Florian
Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.) (Obesity (Silver Spring)),vol(16), issue(4),  Apr.2008
Chondromodulin-I and tenomodulin are differentially expressed in the avascular mesenchyme during mouse and chick development.
Shukunami, Chisa Takimoto, Aki Miura, Shigenori Nishizaki, Yuriko Hiraki, Yuji
Cell and tissue research (Cell Tissue Res.),vol(332), issue(1),  Apr.2008
Ramping it up: RAMP1 and the implications for migraine.
Russo, Andrew F
Pharmacogenomics (Pharmacogenomics),vol(8), issue(7),  Jul.2007
Single-chain Fv immunoliposomes for the targeting of fibroblast activation protein-expressing tumor stromal cells.
Baum, Patrick Müller, Dafne Rüger, Ronny Kontermann, Roland E
Journal of drug targeting (J Drug Target),vol(15), issue(6),  Jul.2007
Cytochrome c impaled: investigation of the extended lipid anchorage of a soluble protein to mitochondrial membrane models.
Kalanxhi, Erta Wallace, Carmichael J A
The Biochemical journal (Biochem. J.),vol(407), issue(2),  Oct.2007
Optimizing platelet P2Y12 inhibition for patients undergoing PCI.
Steinhubl, Steven Roe, Matthew T
Cardiovascular drug reviews (Cardiovasc Drug Rev),vol(25), issue(2),  
Carboxy-terminal modulator protein induces Akt phosphorylation and activation, thereby enhancing antiapoptotic, glycogen synthetic, and glucose uptake pathways.
Ono, Hiraku Sakoda, Hideyuki Fujishiro, Midori Anai, Motonobu Kushiyama, Akifumi Fukushima, Yasushi Katagiri, Hideki Ogihara, Takehide Oka, Yoshitomo Kamata, Hideaki Horike, Nanao Uchijima, Yasunobu Kurihara, Hiroki Asano, Tomoichiro
American journal of physiology. Cell physiology (Am. J. Physiol., Cell Physiol.),vol(293), issue(5),  Nov.2007
Tight junctions contain oligomeric protein assembly critical for maintaining blood-brain barrier integrity in vivo.
McCaffrey, Gwen Staatz, William D Quigley, Carolyn A Nametz, Nicole Seelbach, Melissa J Campos, Chris R Brooks, Tracy A Egleton, Richard D Davis, Thomas P
Journal of neurochemistry (J. Neurochem.),vol(103), issue(6),  Dec.2007
Mitogenic activity and signaling mechanism of 2-(14,15- epoxyeicosatrienoyl)glycerol, a novel cytochrome p450 arachidonate metabolite.
Chen, Jianchun Chen, Jian-Kang Falck, John R Guthi, Jagadeesh Setti Anjaiah, Siddam Capdevila, Jorge H Harris, Raymond C
Molecular and cellular biology (Mol. Cell. Biol.),vol(27), issue(8),  Apr.2007
Engineering of a mammalian O-glycosylation pathway in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae: production of O-fucosylated epidermal growth factor domains.
Chigira, Yuko Oka, Takuji Okajima, Tetsuya Jigami, Yoshifumi
Glycobiology (Glycobiology),vol(18), issue(4),  Apr.2008
A distinct population of clonogenic and multipotent murine follicular keratinocytes residing in the upper isthmus.
Jensen, Uffe Birk Yan, Xiaohong Triel, Charlotte Woo, Seung-Hyun Christensen, Rikke Owens, David M
Journal of cell science (J. Cell. Sci.),vol(121), issue(Pt 5),  Mar.2008
The AP3 adaptor is involved in the transport of membrane proteins to acidocalcisomes of Leishmania.
Besteiro, Sébastien Tonn, Daniela Tetley, Laurence Coombs, Graham H Mottram, Jeremy C
Journal of cell science (J. Cell. Sci.),vol(121), issue(Pt 5),  Mar.2008
A novel mammalian trans-membrane protein reveals an alternative initiation pathway for autophagy.
Vaccaro, Maria I Ropolo, Alejandro Grasso, Daniel Iovanna, Juan L
Autophagy (Autophagy),vol(4), issue(3),  Apr.2008
Old and new ways to calculate the affinity of agonists and antagonists interacting with G-protein-coupled monomeric and dimeric receptors: the receptor-dimer cooperativity index.
Casadó, Vincent Cortés, Antoni Ciruela, Francisco Mallol, Josefa Ferré, Sergi Lluis, Carmen Canela, Enric I Franco, Rafael
Pharmacology & therapeutics (Pharmacol. Ther.),vol(116), issue(3),  Dec.2007
Characterization of the myristoyl lipid modification of membrane-bound GCAP-2 by 2H solid-state NMR spectroscopy.
Vogel, Alexander Schröder, Thomas Lange, Christian Huster, Daniel
Biochimica et biophysica acta (Biochim. Biophys. Acta),vol(1768), issue(12),  Dec.2007
ASIC proteins regulate smooth muscle cell migration.
Grifoni, Samira C Jernigan, Nikki L Hamilton, Gina Drummond, Heather A
Microvascular research (Microvasc. Res.),vol(75), issue(2),  Mar.2008
Age-related evolution of amyloid burden, iron load, and MR relaxation times in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
El Tannir El Tayara, Nadine Delatour, Benoît Le Cudennec, Camille Guégan, Maryvonne Volk, Andreas Dhenain, Marc
Neurobiology of disease (Neurobiol. Dis.),vol(22), issue(1),  Apr.2006
Barrier-to-autointegration factor-like (BAF-L): a proposed regulator of BAF.
Tifft, Kathryn E Segura-Totten, Miriam Lee, Kenneth K Wilson, Katherine L
Experimental cell research (Exp. Cell Res.),vol(312), issue(4),  Feb.2006
Animal MicroRNAs confer robustness to gene expression and have a significant impact on 3'UTR evolution.
Stark, Alexander Brennecke, Julius Bushati, Natascha Russell, Robert B Cohen, Stephen M
Cell (Cell),vol(123), issue(6),  Dec.2005
Membrane complement regulatory proteins.
Kim, David D Song, Wen-Chao
Clinical immunology (Orlando, Fla.) (Clin. Immunol.),vol(118), issue(2-3),  
Cerebral ischemia enhances tyrosine phosphorylation of occludin in brain capillaries.
Kago, Tomoyuki Takagi, Norio Date, Ichiro Takenaga, Yuji Takagi, Keiko Takeo, Satoshi
Biochemical and biophysical research communications (Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.),vol(339), issue(4),  Jan.2006
Membrane proteins modulate the bilayer curvature in the bacterial virus Bam35.
Laurinmäki, Pasi Antero Huiskonen, Juha Tapio Bamford, Dennis Henry Butcher, Sarah Jane
Structure (London, England : 1993) (Structure),vol(13), issue(12),  Dec.2005
Expression of CD27-CD70 on early B cell progenitors in the bone marrow: implication for diagnosis and therapy of childhood ALL.
Nilsson, Anna de Milito, Angelo Mowafi, Frida Winberg, Gösta Björk, Olle Wolpert, Elisabeth Z Chiodi, Francesca
Experimental hematology (Exp. Hematol.),vol(33), issue(12),  Dec.2005
Bordetella iron transport and virulence.
Brickman, Timothy J Anderson, Mark T Armstrong, Sandra K
Biometals : an international journal on the role of metal ions in biology, biochemistry, and medicine (Biometals),vol(20), issue(3-4),  Jun.2007
Fungi have three tetraspanin families with distinct functions.
Lambou, Karine Tharreau, Didier Kohler, Annegret Sirven, Catherine Marguerettaz, Mélanie Barbisan, Crystel Sexton, Adrienne C Kellner, Ellen M Martin, Francis Howlett, Barbara J Orbach, Marc J Lebrun, Marc-Henri
BMC genomics (BMC Genomics),vol(9), issue(),  Feb.2008

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