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Further antinociceptive properties of extracts and phenolic compounds from Plinia glomerata (Myrtaceae) leaves.
Fischer, Luiz Gustavo Santos, Diogo Serafin, Cláudia Malheiros, Angela Delle Monache, Franco Delle Monache, Giuliano Cechinel Filho, Valdir de Souza, Márcia Maria
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin (Biol. Pharm. Bull.),vol(31), issue(2),  Feb.2008
Antinociceptive effects of St. John's wort, Harpagophytum procumbens extract and Grape seed proanthocyanidins extract in mice.
Uchida, Shinya Hirai, Keita Hatanaka, Junya Hanato, Junko Umegaki, Keizo Yamada, Shizuo
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin (Biol. Pharm. Bull.),vol(31), issue(2),  Feb.2008
Two new alkaloids from Capparis himalayensis.
Li, Yun-Qiu Yang, Shi-Lin Li, He-Ran Xu, Li-Zhen
Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin (Chem. Pharm. Bull.),vol(56), issue(2),  Feb.2008
Melampolides from the leaves of Smallanthus sonchifolius and their inhibitory activity of lps-induced nitric oxide production.
Hong, Seong Su Lee, Seon A Han, Xiang Hua Lee, Min Hee Hwang, Ji Sang Park, Jeong Sook Oh, Ki-Wan Han, Kun Lee, Myung Koo Lee, Heesoon Kim, Wook Lee, Dongho Hwang, Bang Yeon
Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin (Chem. Pharm. Bull.),vol(56), issue(2),  Feb.2008
New neo-clerodane diterpenoid alkaloids from Scutellaria barbata with cytotoxic activities.
Dai, Sheng-Jun Liang, Dong-Dong Ren, Yan Liu, Ke Shen, Li
Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin (Chem. Pharm. Bull.),vol(56), issue(2),  Feb.2008
Withangulatin I, a new cytotoxic withanolide from Physalis angulata.
Lee, Shwu-Woan Pan, Min-Hsiung Chen, Chiu-Ming Chen, Zong-Tsi
Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin (Chem. Pharm. Bull.),vol(56), issue(2),  Feb.2008
Protective action of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum) seed polyphenols against alcohol-induced protein and lipid damage in rat liver.
Kaviarasan, S Sundarapandiyan, R Anuradha, C V
Cell biology and toxicology (Cell Biol. Toxicol.),vol(24), issue(5),  Oct.2008
In vitro evaluation and pharmacokinetics in dogs of solid dispersion pellets containing Silybum marianum extract prepared by fluid-bed coating.
Sun, Ningyun Zhang, Xingwang Lu, Yi Wu, Wei
Planta medica (Planta Med.),vol(74), issue(2),  Feb.2008
Cancer chemopreventive activity of terpenoid coumarins from Ferula species.
Iranshahi, Mehrdad Kalategi, Farhad Rezaee, Ramin Shahverdi, Ahmad Reza Ito, Chihiro Furukawa, Hiroshi Tokuda, Harukuni Itoigawa, Masataka
Planta medica (Planta Med.),vol(74), issue(2),  Feb.2008
Extract of Pelargonium sidoides (EPs 7630) displays anti-infective properties by enhanced phagocytosis and differential modulation of host-bacteria interactions.
Conrad, Andreas Frank, Uwe
Planta medica (Planta Med.),vol(74), issue(6),  May.2008
Potential therapeutics for obesity and atherosclerosis: inhibitors of neutral lipid metabolism from microorganisms.
Tomoda, Hiroshi Omura, Satoshi
Pharmacology & therapeutics (Pharmacol. Ther.),vol(115), issue(3),  Sep.2007
A comparative study of the mutagenicity of various types of tobacco products.
Rickert, W S Wright, W G Trivedi, A H Momin, R A Lauterbach, J H
Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP (Regul. Toxicol. Pharmacol.),vol(48), issue(3),  Aug.2007
Effects of diarylheptanoids on the tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced expression of adhesion molecules in human umbilical vein endothelial cells.
Han, Jong-Min Lee, Woo Song Kim, Ju-Ryoung Son, Joonsok Nam, Ki-Hoan Choi, Seung-Chul Lim, Jong-Seok Jeong, Tae-Sook
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (J. Agric. Food Chem.),vol(55), issue(23),  Nov.2007
Subtype-specific activation of estrogen receptors by a special extract of Rheum rhaponticum (ERr 731), its aglycones and structurally related compounds in U2OS human osteosarcoma cells.
Möller, Frank Zierau, Oliver Jandausch, Anett Rettenberger, Reinhard Kaszkin-Bettag, Marietta Vollmer, Günter
Phytomedicine : international journal of phytotherapy and phytopharmacology (Phytomedicine),vol(14), issue(11),  Nov.2007
Antihyperlipidaemic effect of a Monascus purpureus brand dietary supplement on a large sample of subjects at low risk for cardiovascular disease: a pilot study.
Cicero, Arrigo F G Brancaleoni, Marco Laghi, Luca Donati, Franco Mino, Marco
Complementary therapies in medicine (Complement Ther Med),vol(13), issue(4),  Dec.2005
In vivo treatment of melanoma (B16F10) with a homeopathic agent and with a cytokine (IFN-alpha).
Pascual-Carpe, Fernando Vicente-Ortega, Vicente Campos-Aranda, Matilde Yañez-Gascón, Josefa
Oncology research (Oncol. Res.),vol(16), issue(5),  
Wound healing activity of root extracts of Berberis lyceum royle in rats.
Asif, A Kakub, G Mehmood, S Khunum, R Gulfraz, M
Phytotherapy research : PTR (Phytother Res),vol(21), issue(6),  Jun.2007
Presence of cholinergic and calcium antagonist constituents in Saussurea lappa explains its use in constipation and spasm.
Gilani, Anwar H Shah, Abdul J Yaeesh, S
Phytotherapy research : PTR (Phytother Res),vol(21), issue(6),  Jun.2007
Possible anxiolytic effect of two extracts of Passiflora quadrangularis L. in experimental models.
de Castro, Pollyanna Celso F Hoshino, Alberto da Silva, Jair Campos Mendes, Fúlvio Rieli
Phytotherapy research : PTR (Phytother Res),vol(21), issue(5),  May.2007
Investigation of the antioxidant activity of African potato (Hypoxis hemerocallidea).
Nair, Vipin D P Dairam, A Agbonon, A Arnason, J T Foster, B C Kanfer, I
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (J. Agric. Food Chem.),vol(55), issue(5),  Mar.2007
Induction of apoptosis by the Lactuca indica L. in human leukemia cell line and its active components.
Chen, Yi-Hsuan Chen, Hui-Yin Hsu, Chin-Lin Yen, Gow-Chin
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (J. Agric. Food Chem.),vol(55), issue(5),  Mar.2007
Butein suppresses bile acid-induced hepatocyte apoptosis through a JNK-dependent but ERK-independent pathway.
Kim, So-Yeon Park, Eun-Jeon Zhao, Yu-Zhe Sohn, Dong Hwan
Planta medica (Planta Med.),vol(73), issue(8),  Jul.2007
Variability in PXR-mediated induction of CYP3A4 by commercial preparations and dry extracts of St. John's wort.
Gödtel-Armbrust, Ute Metzger, Annegret Kroll, Ulrike Kelber, Olaf Wojnowski, Leszek
Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology (Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch. Pharmacol.),vol(375), issue(6),  Aug.2007
[Effects of the active compounds of M. officinalis on cariogenic bacteria].
Feng, Jin Li, Ji-yao Zhou, Xue-dong
Sichuan da xue xue bao. Yi xue ban = Journal of Sichuan University. Medical science edition (Sichuan Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban),vol(38), issue(3),  Jun.2007
[Garlic (Allium sativum) and traditional medicine].
Ayaz, Erol Alpsoy, Hüseyin Can
Turkiye parazitolojii dergisi (Turkiye Parazitol Derg),vol(31), issue(2),  

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