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Low-grade glioma: correlation of short echo time 1H-MR spectroscopy with 23Na MR imaging.
Bartha, R Megyesi, J F Watling, C J
AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology (AJNR Am J Neuroradiol),vol(29), issue(3),  Mar.2008
The role of SGK-1 in angiotensin II-mediated sodium reabsorption in human proximal tubular cells.
Stevens, Veronica A Saad, Sonia Poronnik, Philip Fenton-Lee, Carol A Polhill, Tania S Pollock, Carol A
Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation : official publication of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association - European Renal Association (Nephrol. Dial. Transplant.),vol(23), issue(6),  Jun.2008
A sodium ion-dependent A1AO ATP synthase from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus.
Pisa, Kim Y Huber, Harald Thomm, Michael Müller, Volker
The FEBS journal (FEBS J.),vol(274), issue(15),  Aug.2007
Amiloride-sensitive Na+ channels contribute to regulatory volume increases in human glioma cells.
Ross, Sandra B Fuller, Catherine M Bubien, James K Benos, Dale J
American journal of physiology. Cell physiology (Am. J. Physiol., Cell Physiol.),vol(293), issue(3),  Sep.2007
Importance of intrinsic properties of dense caseinate dispersions for structure formation.
Manski, Julita M van Riemsdijk, Lieke E van der Goot, Atze J Boom, Remko M
Biomacromolecules (Biomacromolecules),vol(8), issue(11),  Nov.2007
Mechanism of Na(+) binding to thrombin resolved by ultra-rapid kinetics.
Gianni, Stefano Ivarsson, Ylva Bah, Alaji Bush-Pelc, Leslie A Di Cera, Enrico
Biophysical chemistry (Biophys. Chem.),vol(131), issue(1-3),  Dec.2007
Sequencing and characterization of oligosaccharides using infrared multiphoton dissociation and boronic acid derivatization in a quadrupole ion trap.
Pikulski, Michael Hargrove, Amanda Shabbir, Shagufta H Anslyn, Eric V Brodbelt, Jennifer S
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom.),vol(18), issue(12),  Dec.2007
Structural, functional and metabolic remodeling of rat left ventricular myocytes in normal and in sodium-supplemented pregnancy.
Bassien-Capsa, V Fouron, J-C Comte, B Chorvatova, A
Cardiovascular research (Cardiovasc. Res.),vol(69), issue(2),  Feb.2006
The redox combustion of carbon monoxide for recovering pure carbon dioxide by using molten (Na+,K+)2(CO32-,SO42-) mixtures.
Shimano, Satoshi Asakura, Shukuji
Chemosphere (Chemosphere),vol(63), issue(10),  Jun.2006
Conformational behavior of basic monomeric building units of glycosaminoglycans: isolated systems and solvent effect.
Remko, Milan Swart, Marcel Bickelhaupt, F Matthias
The journal of physical chemistry. B (J Phys Chem B),vol(111), issue(9),  Mar.2007
A novel inhibitor of hypertonicity-induced cation channels in HeLa cells.
Numata, Tomohiro Wehner, Frank Okada, Yasunobu
The journal of physiological sciences : JPS (J Physiol Sci),vol(57), issue(4),  Aug.2007
Ciclosporin-induced hypertension is associated with increased sodium transporter of the loop of Henle (NKCC2).
Esteva-Font, Cristina Ars, Elisabet Guillen-Gomez, Elena Campistol, Josep Maria Sanz, Laia Jiménez, Wladimiro Knepper, Mark Alan Torres, Ferran Torra, Roser Ballarín, José Aurelio Fernández-Llama, Patricia
Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation : official publication of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association - European Renal Association (Nephrol. Dial. Transplant.),vol(22), issue(10),  Oct.2007
Characterisation of inorganic phosphate transport in bovine articular chondrocytes.
Solomon, Daniel H Wilkins, Robert J Meredith, David Browning, Joseph A
Cellular physiology and biochemistry : international journal of experimental cellular physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology (Cell. Physiol. Biochem.),vol(20), issue(1-4),  
Glucocorticoids increase salt appetite by promoting water and sodium excretion.
Thunhorst, Robert L Beltz, Terry G Johnson, Alan Kim
American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology (Am. J. Physiol. Regul. Integr. Comp. Physiol.),vol(293), issue(3),  Sep.2007
Sodium retention and ascites formation in a cholestatic mice model: role of aldosterone and mineralocorticoid receptor?
Ackermann, Daniel Mordasini, David Cheval, Lydie Imbert-Teboul, Martine Vogt, Bruno Doucet, Alain
Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.) (Hepatology),vol(46), issue(1),  Jul.2007
Physiological quality assessment of stored whole blood by means of electrical measurements.
Ulgen, Y Sezdi, M
Medical & biological engineering & computing (Med Biol Eng Comput),vol(45), issue(7),  Jul.2007
Contribution of Na(+)/Ca(2+) exchange to excessive Ca(2+) loading in dendrites and somata of CA1 neurons in acute slice.
Dietz, Robert M Kiedrowski, Lech Shuttleworth, C William
Hippocampus (Hippocampus),vol(17), issue(11),  
Role of nitric oxide in salt and water excretion in experimental hypertension in hooded (Aguti) rats.
Mojiminiyi, F B O Anigbogu, C N Sofola, O A Adigun, S A
The Nigerian postgraduate medical journal (Niger Postgrad Med J),vol(14), issue(2),  Jun.2007
Sodium ion concentration vs. sweat rate relationship in humans.
Buono, Michael J Ball, Kimberly D Kolkhorst, Fred W
Journal of applied physiology (Bethesda, Md. : 1985) (J. Appl. Physiol.),vol(103), issue(3),  Sep.2007
Effects of chronic exposure to dietary salicylate on elimination and renal excretion of salicylate by Drosophila melanogaster larvae.
Ruiz-Sanchez, Esau O'Donnell, Michael J
The Journal of experimental biology (J. Exp. Biol.),vol(210), issue(Pt 14),  Jul.2007
The co-action of osmotic and high temperature stresses results in a growth improvement of Debaryomyces hansenii cells.
Papouskova, Klara Sychrova, Hana
International journal of food microbiology (Int. J. Food Microbiol.),vol(118), issue(1),  Aug.2007
Enhanced uptake of glycerol by butyrate treatment in HCT-15 human colon cancer cell line.
Fujimoto, Nami Inoue, Katsuhisa Ohgusu, Yuriko Hayashi, Yayoi Yuasa, Hiroaki
Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (Drug Metab. Pharmacokinet.),vol(22), issue(3),  Jun.2007
Nitric oxide production by mouse renal tubules can be increased by a sodium-dependent mechanism.
Kempson, Stephen Thompson, Nathan Pezzuto, Laura Glenn Bohlen, H
Nitric oxide : biology and chemistry (Nitric Oxide),vol(17), issue(1),  Aug.2007
Visualization in zebrafish larvae of Na(+) uptake in mitochondria-rich cells whose differentiation is dependent on foxi3a.
Esaki, Masahiro Hoshijima, Kazuyuki Kobayashi, Sayako Fukuda, Hidekazu Kawakami, Koichi Hirose, Shigehisa
American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology (Am. J. Physiol. Regul. Integr. Comp. Physiol.),vol(292), issue(1),  Jan.2007
Influence of osmolytes on in vivo glucose monitoring using optical coherence tomography.
Sapozhnikova, Veronika V Prough, Donald Kuranov, Roman V Cicenaite, Inga Esenaliev, Rinat O
Experimental biology and medicine (Maywood, N.J.) (Exp. Biol. Med. (Maywood)),vol(231), issue(8),  Sep.2006

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