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Small increases in the level of Sox2 trigger the differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells.
Kopp, Janel L Ormsbee, Briana D Desler, Michelle Rizzino, Angie
Stem cells (Dayton, Ohio) (Stem Cells),vol(26), issue(4),  Apr.2008
Involvement of mammalian sirtuin 1 in the action of ethanol in the liver.
You, Min Liang, Xiaomei Ajmo, Joanne M Ness, Gene C
American journal of physiology. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology (Am. J. Physiol. Gastrointest. Liver Physiol.),vol(294), issue(4),  Apr.2008
Muscle-specific expression of PPARgamma coactivator-1alpha improves exercise performance and increases peak oxygen uptake.
Calvo, Jennifer A Daniels, Thomas G Wang, Xiaomei Paul, Angelika Lin, Jiandie Spiegelman, Bruce M Stevenson, Susan C Rangwala, Shamina M
Journal of applied physiology (Bethesda, Md. : 1985) (J. Appl. Physiol.),vol(104), issue(5),  May.2008
Protective Effects of macelignan on cisplatin-induced hepatotoxicity is associated with JNK activation.
Sohn, Jong Hee Han, Kyu Lee Kim, Jeong-Hwan Rukayadi, Yaya Hwang, Jae-Kwan
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin (Biol. Pharm. Bull.),vol(31), issue(2),  Feb.2008
Chondromodulin-I and tenomodulin are differentially expressed in the avascular mesenchyme during mouse and chick development.
Shukunami, Chisa Takimoto, Aki Miura, Shigenori Nishizaki, Yuriko Hiraki, Yuji
Cell and tissue research (Cell Tissue Res.),vol(332), issue(1),  Apr.2008
[Reconstruction of ancestral regulatory signals along a transcription factor tree].
Gorbunov, K Iu Liubetski??, V A
Molekuliarnaia biologiia (Mol. Biol. (Mosk.)),vol(41), issue(5),  
[Transcriptional network maintaining pluripotency of embryonic stem cells].
Masui, Shinji Niwa, Hitoshi
Tanpakushitsu kakusan koso. Protein, nucleic acid, enzyme (Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso),vol(53), issue(2),  Feb.2008
Human maxillary tuberosity and jaw periosteum as sources of osteoprogenitor cells for tissue engineering.
Cicconetti, Andrea Sacchetti, Benedetto Bartoli, Adriano Michienzi, Stefano Corsi, Alessandro Funari, Alessia Robey, Pamela Gehron Bianco, Paolo Riminucci, Mara
Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics (Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod),vol(104), issue(5),  Nov.2007
Mutation screening of the Aristaless-related homeobox (ARX) gene in Thai pediatric patients with delayed development: first report from Thailand.
Rujirabanjerd, Sinitdhorn Tongsippunyoo, Kobkul Sripo, Thanya Limprasert, Pornprot
European journal of medical genetics (Eur J Med Genet),vol(50), issue(5),  
Regulation of tryptophan hydroxylase-2 gene expression by a bipartite RE-1 silencer of transcription/neuron restrictive silencing factor (REST/NRSF) binding motif.
Patel, Paresh D Bochar, Daniel A Turner, David L Meng, Fan Mueller, Helena M Pontrello, Crystal G
The Journal of biological chemistry (J. Biol. Chem.),vol(282), issue(37),  Sep.2007
The Legionella pneumophila response regulator LqsR promotes host cell interactions as an element of the virulence regulatory network controlled by RpoS and LetA.
Tiaden, André Spirig, Thomas Weber, Stefan S Brüggemann, Holger Bosshard, Rachel Buchrieser, Carmen Hilbi, Hubert
Cellular microbiology (Cell. Microbiol.),vol(9), issue(12),  Dec.2007
Malignant rhabdoid tumor mimicking hepatoblastoma: a case report and literature review.
Wagner, Lars M Garrett, Jennifer K Ballard, Edgar T Hill, D Ashley Perry, Arie Biegel, Jaclyn A Collins, Margaret H
Pediatric and developmental pathology : the official journal of the Society for Pediatric Pathology and the Paediatric Pathology Society (Pediatr. Dev. Pathol.),vol(10), issue(5),  
Synchronization of plant circadian oscillators with a phase delay effect of the vein network.
Fukuda, Hirokazu Nakamichi, Norihito Hisatsune, Mihoe Murase, Haruhiko Mizuno, Takeshi
Physical review letters (Phys. Rev. Lett.),vol(99), issue(9),  Aug.2007
Congenital central hypoventilation syndrome with PHOX2B gene mutation in a Taiwanese infant.
Chen, Lei-Ru Tsao, Po-Nien Su, Yi-Ning Fan, Pi-Chuan Chou, Hung-Cheih Chen, Chien-Yi Chang, Yu-Hsun Hsieh, Wu-Shiun
Journal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan yi zhi (J. Formos. Med. Assoc.),vol(106), issue(1),  Jan.2007
Study of the functional interaction between Mcp insulators from the Drosophila bithorax complex: effects of insulator pairing on enhancer-promoter communication.
Kyrchanova, Olga Toshchakov, Stepan Parshikov, Alexander Georgiev, Pavel
Molecular and cellular biology (Mol. Cell. Biol.),vol(27), issue(8),  Apr.2007
Identification of Rkr1, a nuclear RING domain protein with functional connections to chromatin modification in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Braun, Mary A Costa, Patrick J Crisucci, Elia M Arndt, Karen M
Molecular and cellular biology (Mol. Cell. Biol.),vol(27), issue(8),  Apr.2007
Interaction between sterol regulatory element-binding proteins and liver receptor homolog-1 reciprocally suppresses their transcriptional activities.
Kanayama, Tomohiko Arito, Mitsumi So, Kanako Hachimura, Satoshi Inoue, Jun Sato, Ryuichiro
The Journal of biological chemistry (J. Biol. Chem.),vol(282), issue(14),  Apr.2007
Transcriptional repression of matrix metalloproteinase gene expression by the orphan nuclear receptor NURR1 in cartilage.
Mix, Kimberlee S Attur, Mukundan G Al-Mussawir, Hayf Abramson, Steven B Brinckerhoff, Constance E Murphy, Evelyn P
The Journal of biological chemistry (J. Biol. Chem.),vol(282), issue(13),  Mar.2007
Spontaneous development of liver tumors in the absence of the bile acid receptor farnesoid X receptor.
Yang, Fan Huang, Xiongfei Yi, Tangsheng Yen, Yun Moore, David D Huang, Wendong
Cancer research (Cancer Res.),vol(67), issue(3),  Feb.2007
Transcriptional networks in plasmacytoid dendritic cells stimulated with synthetic TLR 7 agonists.
Birmachu, Woubalem Gleason, Raymond M Bulbulian, Barbara J Riter, Christie L Vasilakos, John P Lipson, Kenneth E Nikolsky, Yuri
BMC immunology (BMC Immunol.),vol(8), issue(),  Oct.2007
Dynamics of coactivator recruitment and chromatin modifications during nuclear receptor mediated transcription.
Aoyagi, Sayura Archer, Trevor K
Molecular and cellular endocrinology (Mol. Cell. Endocrinol.),vol(280), issue(1-2),  Jan.2008
Regulation of CREB-mediated gene expression by salt inducible kinase.
Takemori, Hiroshi Okamoto, Mitsuhiro
The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology (J. Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol.),vol(108), issue(3-5),  Feb.2008
The Onecut transcription factors HNF-6/OC-1 and OC-2 regulate early liver expansion by controlling hepatoblast migration.
Margagliotti, Sabrina Clotman, Frédéric Pierreux, Christophe E Beaudry, Jean-Bernard Jacquemin, Patrick Rousseau, Guy G Lemaigre, Frédéric P
Developmental biology (Dev. Biol.),vol(311), issue(2),  Nov.2007
Optimal compressive force induces bone formation via increasing bone morphogenetic proteins production and decreasing their antagonists production by Saos-2 cells.
Mitsui, Narihiro Suzuki, Naoto Maeno, Masao Yanagisawa, Momoko Koyama, Yuki Otsuka, Kichibee Shimizu, Noriyoshi
Life sciences (Life Sci.),vol(78), issue(23),  May.2006
Tcf- and Vent-binding sites regulate neural-specific geminin expression in the gastrula embryo.
Taylor, Jennifer J Wang, Ting Kroll, Kristen L
Developmental biology (Dev. Biol.),vol(289), issue(2),  Jan.2006

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