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Materials science. Sweet, hairy, soft, and slippery.
Lee, Seunghwan Spencer, Nicholas D
Science (New York, N.Y.) (Science),vol(319), issue(5863),  Feb.2008
Conformation and kinetic characteristics of interactions between local anesthetics and aqueous solutions of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.
Galenko-Yaroshevskii, A P Varlashkina, I A Takhchidi, Kh P Malyugin, B E Dukhanin, A S
Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine (Bull. Exp. Biol. Med.),vol(143), issue(5),  May.2007
Complex-formation reactions of dicholoro(S-methyl-L-cysteine)palladium(II) with bio-relevant ligands. Labilization induced by S-donor chelates.
Shehata, Mohamed R Shoukry, Mohamed M Nasr, Fatma M H van Eldik, Rudi
Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003) (Dalton Trans),vol(), issue(6),  Feb.2008
Hydration dependent dynamics in sol-gel encapsulated myoglobin.
Schirò, Giorgio Sclafani, Michele Natali, Francesca Cupane, Antonio
European biophysics journal : EBJ (Eur. Biophys. J.),vol(37), issue(5),  Jun.2008
Accuracy of navigated surgery of the pelvis after surface matching with an a-mode ultrasound probe.
Oszwald, M Citak, M Kendoff, D Kowal, J Amstutz, C Kirchhoff, T Nolte, L P Krettek, C Hüfner, T
Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society (J. Orthop. Res.),vol(26), issue(6),  Jun.2008
Surgical hand scrub: lots of water wasted.
Ahmed, A
Annals of African medicine (Ann Afr Med),vol(6), issue(1),  Mar.2007
International trade in meat: the tip of the pork chop.
Galloway, James N Burke, Marshall Bradford, G Eric Naylor, Rosamond Falcon, Walter Chapagain, Ashok K Gaskell, Joanne C McCullough, Ellen Mooney, Harold A Oleson, Kirsten L L Steinfeld, Henning Wassenaar, Tom Smil, Vaclav
Ambio (Ambio),vol(36), issue(8),  Dec.2007
Survival of Enterobacter sakazakii in infant cereal as affected by composition, water activity, and temperature.
Lin, Li-Chun Beuchat, Larry R
Food microbiology (Food Microbiol.),vol(24), issue(7-8),  
The influence of attachment to beef surfaces on the survival of cells of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium DT104, at different a(w) values and at low storage temperatures.
Kinsella, K J Rowe, T A Blair, I S McDowell, D A Sheridan, J J
Food microbiology (Food Microbiol.),vol(24), issue(7-8),  
Photostability and efficacy studies of topical formulations containing UV-filters combination and vitamins A, C and E.
Gaspar, L R Campos, P M B G Maia
International journal of pharmaceutics (Int J Pharm),vol(343), issue(1-2),  Oct.2007
Distribution coefficient of rifabutin in liposome/water system as measured by different methods.
Vostrikov, Vitaly V Selishcheva, Alla A Sorokoumova, Galina M Shakina, Yulia N Shvets, Vitaly I Savel'ev, Oleg Yu Polshakov, Vladimir I
European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics : official journal of Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Pharmazeutische Verfahrenstechnik e.V (Eur J Pharm Biopharm),vol(68), issue(2),  Feb.2008
Acoustic scattering in dispersions: improvements in the calculation of single particle scattering coefficients.
Pinfield, Valerie J
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (J. Acoust. Soc. Am.),vol(122), issue(1),  Jul.2007
Effects of acoustic parameters on bubble cloud dynamics in ultrasound tissue erosion (histotripsy).
Xu, Zhen Hall, Timothy L Fowlkes, J Brian Cain, Charles A
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (J. Acoust. Soc. Am.),vol(122), issue(1),  Jul.2007
Acoustic beam scattering and excitation of sphere resonance: Bessel beam example.
Marston, Philip L
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (J. Acoust. Soc. Am.),vol(122), issue(1),  Jul.2007
Time-resolved photoelectron imaging of large anionic methanol clusters: (methanol)n-(n approximately 145-535).
Kammrath, Aster Griffin, Graham B Verlet, Jan R R Young, Ryan M Neumark, Daniel M
The Journal of chemical physics (J Chem Phys),vol(126), issue(24),  Jun.2007
Whitish papules on the palm.
Kocatürk, Emek Kavala, Mukaddes Büyükbabani, Nesimi Türko?lu, Zafer
International journal of dermatology (Int. J. Dermatol.),vol(46), issue(7),  Jul.2007
Small-angle neutron and X-ray scattering from amphiphilic stimuli-responsive diamond-type bicontinuous cubic phase.
Angelov, Borislav Angelova, Angelina Garamus, Vasil M Lebas, Geneviève Lesieur, Sylviane Ollivon, Michel Funari, Sérgio S Willumeit, Regine Couvreur, Patrick
Journal of the American Chemical Society (J. Am. Chem. Soc.),vol(129), issue(44),  Nov.2007
Aqueous phase behavior of tetraethylene glycol decanoyl ester (C9COE4) and Ether (C10E4) investigated by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic techniques.
Fournial, Anne-Gaëlle Zhu, Ying Molinier, Valérie Vermeersch, Gaston Aubry, Jean-Marie Azaroual, Nathalie
Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids (Langmuir),vol(23), issue(23),  Nov.2007
Free-standing, erect ultrahigh-aspect-ratio polymer nanopillar and nanotube ensembles.
Chen, Guofang Soper, Steven A McCarley, Robin L
Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids (Langmuir),vol(23), issue(23),  Nov.2007
Microrheological studies reveal semiflexible networks in gels of a ubiquitous cell wall polysaccharide.
Vincent, R R Pinder, D N Hemar, Y Williams, M A K
Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics (Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys),vol(76), issue(3 Pt 1),  Sep.2007
Depletion interactions: a new control parameter for the self-assembly of diblock copolymer micelles.
Abbas, Sayeed Lodge, Timothy P
Physical review letters (Phys. Rev. Lett.),vol(99), issue(13),  Sep.2007
Surface triple points and multiple-layer transitions observed by tuning the surface field at smectic liquid-crystal-water interfaces.
Bahr, Ch
Physical review letters (Phys. Rev. Lett.),vol(99), issue(5),  Aug.2007
Specific ion adsorption and short-range interactions at the air aqueous solution interface.
Padmanabhan, Viswanath Daillant, Jean Belloni, Luc Mora, Serge Alba, Michel Konovalov, Oleg
Physical review letters (Phys. Rev. Lett.),vol(99), issue(8),  Aug.2007
Bis{mu-6,6'-dimethoxy-2,2'-[propane-1,2-diylbis(iminomethylene)]diphenolato}bis[aquacopper(II)] dihydrate.
Liu, Y-F Xia, H-T Yang, Shu Ping Wang, Da-Qi
Acta crystallographica. Section C, Crystal structure communications (Acta Crystallogr C),vol(64), issue(Pt 2),  Feb.2008
Coordination of leaf and stem water transport properties in tropical forest trees.
Meinzer, Frederick C Woodruff, David R Domec, Jean-Christophe Goldstein, Guillermo Campanello, Paula I Gatti, M Genoveva Villalobos-Vega, Randol
Oecologia (Oecologia),vol(156), issue(1),  May.2008

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