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Clinical trial registration.
Kulvichit, Kittisak Kulwichit, Wanla Lumbiganon, Pisake
The New England journal of medicine (N. Engl. J. Med.),vol(352), issue(2),  Jan.2005
Scientific authorship. Part 1. A window into scientific fraud?
Claxton, Larry D
Mutation research (Mutat. Res.),vol(589), issue(1),  Jan.2005
Scientific authorship. Part 2. History, recurring issues, practices, and guidelines.
Claxton, Larry D
Mutation research (Mutat. Res.),vol(589), issue(1),  Jan.2005
Stem cells. California's bold $3 billion initiative hits the ground running.
Holden, Constance
Science (New York, N.Y.) (Science),vol(307), issue(5707),  Jan.2005
Ambulatory Pediatric Association policy statement: Ensuring integrity for research with children.
Etzel, Ruth A Etzel
Ambulatory pediatrics : the official journal of the Ambulatory Pediatric Association (Ambul Pediatr),vol(5), issue(1),  
Responsible research involving children.
Field, Marilyn J Behrman, Richard E
Ambulatory pediatrics : the official journal of the Ambulatory Pediatric Association (Ambul Pediatr),vol(5), issue(1),  
Designing babies: human research issues.
Dresser, Rebecca
IRB (IRB),vol(26), issue(5),  
Commercial tissue repositories: HIPAA raises sponsors' fears.
Allen, Michael D
IRB (IRB),vol(26), issue(5),  
Quebec physicians' knowledge and opinions regarding substitute consent for decisionally incapacitated older adults.
Bravo, Gina Dubois, Marie-France Paquet, Mariane Langlois, Fabienne Bernier, Jean-Pierre
IRB (IRB),vol(26), issue(5),  
Correction and clarification.
Appelbaum, Paul S Lidz, Charles W Grisso, Thomas
IRB (IRB),vol(26), issue(5),  
Some precision would be helpful.
Hamilton, Michael
IRB (IRB),vol(26), issue(5),  
So what are we going to do about research using clinical information and samples?
Clayton, Ellen Wright
IRB (IRB),vol(26), issue(6),  
Global health and the scientific research agenda.
Flory, James H Kitcher, Philip
Philosophy & public affairs (Philos Public Aff),vol(32), issue(1),  
Placebo effects in oral triptan trials: the scientific and ethical rationale for continued use of placebo controls.
Loder, E Goldstein, R Biondi, D
Cephalalgia : an international journal of headache (Cephalalgia),vol(25), issue(2),  Feb.2005
Major psychological factors affecting acceptance of gene-recombination technology.
Tanaka, Yutaka
Risk analysis : an official publication of the Society for Risk Analysis (Risk Anal.),vol(24), issue(6),  Dec.2004
Royalty payments to staff researchers cause new NIH troubles.
Tanne, Janice Hopkins
BMJ (Clinical research ed.) (BMJ),vol(330), issue(7484),  Jan.2005
Drug company chiefs accept the need for more openness.
Eaton, Lynn
BMJ (Clinical research ed.) (BMJ),vol(330), issue(7484),  Jan.2005
Brain-scan ethics come under the spotlight.
Check, Erika
Nature (Nature),vol(433), issue(7023),  Jan.2005
The ethics of research on pregnant women: is maternal consent sufficient?
Lupton, Martin G F Williams, David J
BJOG : an international journal of obstetrics and gynaecology (BJOG),vol(111), issue(12),  Dec.2004
Variations among Institutional Review Board reviews in a multisite health services research study.
Dziak, Kathleen Anderson, Roger Sevick, Mary Ann Weisman, Carol S Levine, Douglas W Scholle, Sarah Hudson
Health services research (Health Serv Res),vol(40), issue(1),  Feb.2005
Scientist rebels against WHO over bird flu.
Zamiska, Nicholas
Wall Street journal (Eastern ed.) (Wall St J (East Ed)),vol(), issue(),  Mar.2006
The ethics of using genetic engineering for sex selection.
Liao, S Matthew
Journal of medical ethics (J Med Ethics),vol(31), issue(2),  Feb.2005
Biomedical experimentation on the mentally handicapped: ethical and legal dilemmas.
Baudouin, J L
Medicine and law (Med Law),vol(9), issue(4),  
The problem of informed consent in dementia research.
Helmchen, H
Medicine and law (Med Law),vol(9), issue(6),  
Fetal tissue transplantation research and federal policy: a growing wall of separation.
Fletcher, J C
Fetal diagnosis and therapy (Fetal. Diagn. Ther.),vol(5), issue(3-4),  

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