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Neurology of sex steroids and oral contraceptives.
Schipper, H M
Neurologic clinics (Neurol Clin),vol(4), issue(4),  Nov.1986
Aftermaths of surgical sterilisation with special reference to menstrual disturbances.
Purkayastha, S Bhattacharyya, P K
Journal of the Indian Medical Association (J Indian Med Assoc),vol(90), issue(2),  Feb.1992
Anxiety, depression and quality of life in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.
Cho, Hyun Sun Park, Jae Myung Lim, Chul Hyun Cho, Yu Kyung Lee, In Seok Kim, Sang Woo Choi, Myung-Gyu Chung, In-Sik Chung, Yun Kyung
Gut and liver (Gut Liver),vol(5), issue(1),  Mar.2011
Personality traits in an italian sample: relationship with anxiety and depression.
Minelli, Alessandra Pedrini, Laura Magni, Laura Rosa Rotondo, Alessandro
Clinical practice and epidemiology in mental health : CP & EMH (Clin Pract Epidemiol Ment Health),vol(5), issue(),  Dec.2009
Mood disorders and the brain: depression, melancholia, and the historiography of psychiatry.
Jansson, Åsa
Medical history (Med Hist),vol(55), issue(3),  Jul.2011
The Effect of Chronic Mild Stress and Imipramine on the Markers of Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant System in Rat Liver.
Duda, Weronika Curzytek, Katarzyna Kubera, Marta Iciek, Ma?gorzata Kowalczyk-Pachel, Danuta Bilska-Wilkosz, Anna Lorenc-Koci, El?bieta Le?kiewicz, Monika Basta-Kaim, Agnieszka Budziszewska, Bogus?awa Regulska, Magdalena ?lusarczyk, Joanna Gruca, Piotr Papp, Mariusz Maes, Michael Laso?, W?adys?aw Antkiewicz-Michaluk, Lucyna
Neurotoxicity research (Neurotox Res),vol(30), issue(2),  Aug.2016
Characterizing implicit mental health associations across clinical domains.
Werntz, Alexandra J Steinman, Shari A Glenn, Jeffrey J Nock, Matthew K Teachman, Bethany A
Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry (J Behav Ther Exp Psychiatry),vol(52), issue(),  Sep.2016
Depressive symptoms are associated with worsened severity of the metabolic syndrome in African American women independent of lifestyle factors: A consideration of mechanistic links from the Jackson heart study.
Gurka, Matthew J Vishnu, Abhishek Okereke, Olivia I Musani, Solomon Sims, Mario DeBoer, Mark D
Psychoneuroendocrinology (Psychoneuroendocrinology),vol(68), issue(),  Jun.2016
[Chemotherapy-related Cognitive Impairment and Quality of Life in People with Colon Cancer: The Mediating Effect of Psychological Distress].
Oh, Pok Ja Kim, Jeong Hye
Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing (J Korean Acad Nurs),vol(46), issue(1),  Feb.2016
[The Effects of Urban Forest-walking Program on Health Promotion Behavior, Physical Health, Depression, and Quality of Life: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Office-workers].
Bang, Kyung Sook Lee, In Sook Kim, Sung Jae Song, Min Kyung Park, Se Eun
Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing (J Korean Acad Nurs),vol(46), issue(1),  Feb.2016
Neurochemical modulation involved in the beneficial effect of liraglutide, GLP-1 agonist on PTZ kindling epilepsy-induced comorbidities in mice.
Koshal, Prashant Kumar, Puneet
Molecular and cellular biochemistry (Mol. Cell. Biochem.),vol(415), issue(1-2),  Apr.2016
Indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase mediates neurobehavioral alterations induced by an intracerebroventricular injection of amyloid-?1-42 peptide in mice.
Souza, Leandro Cattelan Jesse, Cristiano R Antunes, Michelle S Ruff, Jossana Rodrigues de Oliveira Espinosa, Dieniffer Gomes, Nathalie Savedra Donato, Franciele Giacomeli, Renata Boeira, Silvana Peterini
Brain, behavior, and immunity (Brain Behav. Immun.),vol(56), issue(),  Aug.2016
Val66Met BDNF polymorphism as a vulnerability factor for inflammation-associated depressive symptoms in women with breast cancer.
Dooley, Larissa N Ganz, Patricia A Cole, Steve W Crespi, Catherine M Bower, Julienne E
Journal of affective disorders (J Affect Disord),vol(197), issue(),  Jun.2016
Astrocytes as new targets to improve cognitive functions.
Dallérac, Glenn Rouach, Nathalie
Progress in neurobiology (Prog. Neurobiol.),vol(144), issue(),  Sep.2016
The birth of new neurons in the maternal brain: Hormonal regulation and functional implications.
Leuner, Benedetta Sabihi, Sara
Frontiers in neuroendocrinology (Front Neuroendocrinol),vol(41), issue(),  Apr.2016
Prevalence of ADHD symptoms across clinical stages of major depressive disorder.
Bron, Tannetje I Bijlenga, Denise Verduijn, Judith Penninx, Brenda W J H Beekman, Aartjan T F Kooij, J J Sandra
Journal of affective disorders (J Affect Disord),vol(197), issue(),  Jun.2016
Stigma and the etiology of depression among the obese: An agent-based exploration.
Mooney, Stephen J El-Sayed, Abdulrahman M
Social science & medicine (1982) (Soc Sci Med),vol(148), issue(),  Jan.2016
A Randomized Depression Prevention Trial Comparing Interpersonal Psychotherapy--Adolescent Skills Training to Group Counseling in Schools.
Young, Jami F Benas, Jessica S Schueler, Christie M Gallop, Robert Gillham, Jane E Mufson, Laura
Prevention science : the official journal of the Society for Prevention Research (Prev Sci),vol(17), issue(3),  Apr.2016
Abnormal brain activation during directed forgetting of negative memory in depressed patients.
Yang, Wenjing Chen, Qunlin Liu, Peiduo Cheng, Hongsheng Cui, Qian Wei, Dongtao Zhang, Qinglin Qiu, Jiang
Journal of affective disorders (J Affect Disord),vol(190), issue(),  Jan.2016
Cost-effectiveness of vortioxetine versus venlafaxine (extended release) in the treatment of major depressive disorder in South Korea.
Choi, Sang-Eun Brignone, Mélanie Cho, Seong Jin Jeon, Hong Jin Jung, Rangrhee Campbell, Rosanne Francois, Clément Milea, Dominique
Expert review of pharmacoeconomics & outcomes research (Expert Rev Pharmacoecon Outcomes Res),vol(16), issue(5),  Oct.2016
Possible involvement of the JAK/STAT signaling pathway in N-acetylcysteine-mediated antidepressant-like effects.
Al-Samhari, Marwa M Al-Rasheed, Nouf M Al-Rejaie, Salim Al-Rasheed, Nawal M Hasan, Iman H Mahmoud, Ayman M Dzimiri, Nduna
Experimental biology and medicine (Maywood, N.J.) (Exp. Biol. Med. (Maywood)),vol(241), issue(5),  Mar.2016
Depression and clinical progression in spinocerebellar ataxias.
Lo, Raymond Y Figueroa, Karla P Pulst, Stefan M Perlman, Susan Wilmot, George Gomez, Christopher Schmahmann, Jeremy Paulson, Henry Shakkottai, Vikram G Ying, Sarah Zesiewicz, Theresa Bushara, Khalaf Geschwind, Michael Xia, Guangbin Yu, Jui-Tsen Lee, Lue-En Ashizawa, Tetsuo Subramony, S H Kuo, Sheng-Han
Parkinsonism & related disorders (Parkinsonism Relat. Disord.),vol(22), issue(),  Jan.2016
Effects of combined fine motor skill and cognitive therapy to cognition, degree of dementia, depression, and activities of daily living in the elderly with Alzheimer's disease.
Lee, Jin Lee, ByoungHee Park, YuHyung Kim, Yumi
Journal of physical therapy science (J Phys Ther Sci),vol(27), issue(10),  Oct.2015
Depressive Symptoms Clusters and Insulin Resistance: Race/Ethnicity as a Moderator in 2005-2010 NHANES Data.
Vrany, Elizabeth A Berntson, Jessica M Khambaty, Tasneem Stewart, Jesse C
Annals of behavioral medicine : a publication of the Society of Behavioral Medicine (Ann Behav Med),vol(50), issue(1),  Feb.2016
Are Sensory Processing Features Associated with Depressive Symptoms in Boys with an ASD?
Bitsika, Vicki Sharpley, Christopher F Mills, Richard
Journal of autism and developmental disorders (J Autism Dev Disord),vol(46), issue(1),  Jan.2016

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