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The first facial transplant.

Lancet (London, England) (Lancet),vol(366), issue(9502),  Dec.2005
Prosecution of violent psychiatric inpatients: theoretical and practical issues.
Dinwiddie, Stephen H Briska, William
International journal of law and psychiatry (Int J Law Psychiatry),vol(27), issue(1),  
A statement by the editors of The Lancet.
Horton, Richard
Lancet (London, England) (Lancet),vol(363), issue(9411),  Mar.2004
The potential of 'brain pacemakers': implanted devices may alter treatment of many disorders.
Stein, Rob
The Washington post (Washington Post),vol(), issue(),  Mar.2004
Physical restraint use in health care settings: public attitudes in Israel.
Hendel, Tova Fradkin, Malka Kidron, Dalia
Journal of gerontological nursing (J Gerontol Nurs),vol(30), issue(2),  Feb.2004
Surgeon denied ethics approval for face transplantation.
Bosch, Xavier
Lancet (London, England) (Lancet),vol(363), issue(9412),  Mar.2004
The protective oversight of biotechnology.
Steinbruner, John Okutani, Stacy
Biosecurity and bioterrorism : biodefense strategy, practice, and science (Biosecur Bioterror),vol(2), issue(4),  
Prodromal interventions for schizophrenia vulnerability: the risks of being "at risk".
Corcoran, Cheryl Malaspina, Dolores Hercher, Laura
Schizophrenia research (Schizophr. Res.),vol(73), issue(2-3),  Mar.2005
Guidelines for ethical behavior relating to clinical practice issues in electrodiagnostic medicine.
Mackin, Glenn A Horowitz, Steven H Leonard, James A Musick, David W Musick
Muscle & nerve (Muscle Nerve),vol(31), issue(3),  Mar.2005
Does the C in CME stand for "Continuing" or "Commercial"?
Lexchin, Joel Cassels, Alan
CMAJ : Canadian Medical Association journal = journal de l'Association medicale canadienne (CMAJ),vol(172), issue(2),  Jan.2005
Living donors' experiences 1 wk after donating a kidney.
Andersen, Marit Helen Mathisen, Lars Øyen, Ole Wahl, Astrid Klopstad Hanestad, Berit Rokne Fosse, Erik
Clinical transplantation (Clin Transplant),vol(19), issue(1),  Feb.2005
Waiting for radiotherapy a national call for ethical discourse on waiting lists in radiotherapy: findings from a preliminary survey.
Schäfer, Christof Nelson, Kristin Herbst, Manfred
Strahlentherapie und Onkologie : Organ der Deutschen Rontgengesellschaft ... [et al] (Strahlenther Onkol),vol(181), issue(1),  Jan.2005
Opioids for persistent non-cancer pain.
Kalso, Eija
BMJ (Clinical research ed.) (BMJ),vol(330), issue(7484),  Jan.2005
The marketing of a disease: female sexual dysfunction.
Moynihan, Ray
BMJ (Clinical research ed.) (BMJ),vol(330), issue(7484),  Jan.2005
Torcetrapib and atorvastatin--should marketing drive the research agenda?
Avorn, Jerry
The New England journal of medicine (N. Engl. J. Med.),vol(352), issue(25),  Jun.2005
Drug targeting: is race enough?
Wadman, Meredith
Nature (Nature),vol(435), issue(7045),  Jun.2005
The greater good?: issues of proportionality and democracy in the doctrine of necessity as applied in Re A.
Wicks, Elizabeth
Common law world review (Common Law World Rev),vol(32), issue(1),  
Alder Hey pathologist is struck off medical register.
Dyer, Owen
BMJ (Clinical research ed.) (BMJ),vol(330), issue(7506),  Jun.2005
Beyond biotechnology: FDA regulation of nanomedicine.
Miller, John
The Columbia science and technology law review (Columbia Sci Technol Law Rev),vol(4), issue(),  
F.D.A. panel approves heart remedy for blacks.
Saul, Stephanie
The New York times on the Web (N Y Times Web),vol(), issue(),  Jun.2005
Deaths and a doctor's past transfix Australians.
Bonner, Raymond
The New York times on the Web (N Y Times Web),vol(), issue(),  Jun.2005
Inside stricken mother, a race between life and death; cancer that felled woman now threatens fetus.
McCrummen, Stephanie
The Washington post (Washington Post),vol(), issue(),  Jun.2005
Which patients first? Setting priorities for antiretroviral therapy where resources are limited.
McGough, Laura J Reynolds, Steven J Quinn, Thomas C Zenilman, Jonathan M
American journal of public health (Am J Public Health),vol(95), issue(7),  Jul.2005
Drug industry's new code criticised for lacking teeth.
Coombes, Rebecca
BMJ (Clinical research ed.) (BMJ),vol(331), issue(7527),  Nov.2005
Straining their brains: why the case against enhancement is not persuasive.
Caplan, Arthur L
Cerebrum : the Dana forum on brain science (Cerebrum),vol(6), issue(4),  

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