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A primer of bone metastases management in breast cancer patients.
Petrut, B Trinkaus, M Simmons, C Clemons, M
Current oncology (Toronto, Ont.) (Curr Oncol),vol(15), issue(Suppl 1),  Jan.2008
Salivary protein factors are elevated in breast cancer patients.
Brooks, Mai N Wang, Jianghua Li, Yang Zhang, Rong Elashoff, David Wong, David T
Molecular medicine reports (Mol Med Rep),vol(1), issue(3),  
The Prognostic Value of E-cadherin Expression in Breast Cancer.
Younis, Layla Kamal El Sakka, Hala Haque, Imranul
International journal of health sciences (Int J Health Sci (Qassim)),vol(1), issue(1),  Jan.2007
Breast cancer associated with primary hyperparathyroidism: a nested case control study.
Norenstedt, Sophie Granath, Fredrik Ekbom, Anders Bergh, Jonas Lambe, Mats Adolfsson, Jan Warnberg, Fredrik Zedenius, Jan Nilsson, Inga-Lena
Clinical epidemiology (Clin Epidemiol),vol(3), issue(),  Mar.2011
A survey of the body image of mastectomies women referring to imam khomeini and imam hussein hospitals in tehran, iran.
Esmaili, Roghayeh Saiidi, Jila Abed Majd, Hamid Alavi Esmaieli, Mehrdad
Indian journal of psychological medicine (Indian J Psychol Med),vol(32), issue(1),  Jan.2010
Effect of interval between serum draw and follow-up period on relative risk of cancer incidence with respect to 25-hydroxyvitamin D level: Implications for meta-analyses and setting vitamin D guidelines.
Grant, William B
Dermato-endocrinology (Dermatoendocrinol),vol(3), issue(3),  Jul.2011
Delphinidin Inhibits HER2 and Erk1/2 Signaling and Suppresses Growth of HER2-Overexpressing and Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cell Lines.
Ozbay, Tuba Nahta, Rita
Breast cancer : basic and clinical research (Breast Cancer (Auckl)),vol(5), issue(),  
Increased Circulating Level of the Survival Factor GP88 (Progranulin) in the Serum of Breast Cancer Patients When Compared to Healthy Subjects.
Tkaczuk, Katherine Rak Yue, Binbin Zhan, Min Tait, Nancy Yarlagadda, Lavanya Dai, Huifang Serrero, Ginette
Breast cancer : basic and clinical research (Breast Cancer (Auckl)),vol(5), issue(),  
Nab-paclitaxel for the treatment of breast cancer: efficacy, safety, and approval.
Yamamoto, Yutaka Kawano, Ichiro Iwase, Hirotaka
OncoTargets and therapy (Onco Targets Ther),vol(4), issue(),  
Detection of Productively Rearranged TcR-? V-J Sequences in TCGA Exome Files: Implications for Tumor Immunoscoring and Recovery of Antitumor T-cells.
Gill, Thomas R Samy, Mohammad D Butler, Shanitra N Mauro, James A Sexton, Wade J Blanck, George
Cancer informatics (Cancer Inform),vol(15), issue(),  
Infracentimetric HER-2 positive breast tumours-review of the literature.
da Fonseca Reis Silva, Danilo Ribeiro, Joana M
Ecancermedicalscience (Ecancermedicalscience),vol(9), issue(),  
Autophagy regulation in the development and treatment of breast cancer.
Zhou, Yuting Rucker, Edmund B Zhou, Binhua P
Acta biochimica et biophysica Sinica (Acta Biochim. Biophys. Sin. (Shanghai)),vol(48), issue(1),  Jan.2016
Predicting the Risk of New Cerebral Lesions After Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) for Brain Metastases from Breast Cancer.
Dziggel, Liesa Dahlke, Markus Janssen, Stefan Hornung, Dagmar Blanck, Oliver Khoa, Mai Trong Schild, Steven E Rades, Dirk
Anticancer research (Anticancer Res.),vol(35), issue(12),  Dec.2015
Factors Associated with the Selection of First-line Bevacizumab plus Chemotherapy and Clinical Response in HER2-negative Metastatic Breast Cancer: ONCOSUR AVALOX Study.
Manso, Luís Palomo, Andrés García Pérez Carrión, Ramón Cassinello, Javier Gallegos Sancho, Isabel Chacón López-Muñiz, Ignacio Olier, Clara Fernández-Aramburo, Antonio Llorca, Cristina González, Xavier Llorente, Rosa Torregrosa, Dolores Álvarez, Iñaki Gálve, Elena Bueno, Coralia Garau, Isabel García, María José González-Santiago, Santiago Ballesteros, Ana Isabel Blanco, Esperanza Galán, Antonio González, Sonia Perelló, Antonia Cortés-Funes, Hernán Grávalos, Cristina
Anticancer research (Anticancer Res.),vol(35), issue(12),  Dec.2015
Circulating tumor cells in breast cancer patients.
Bystricky, B Mego, M
Neoplasma (Neoplasma),vol(63), issue(1),  
Cathepsin L is involved in proliferation and invasion of breast cancer cells.
Qin, G Cai, Y Long, J Zeng, H Xu, W Li, Y Liu, M Zhang, H He, Z L Chen, W G
Neoplasma (Neoplasma),vol(63), issue(1),  
Clinical significance of survivin and vascular endothelial growth factor mRNA detection in the peripheral whole blood of breast cancer patients.
Wang, S Xu, J Zhang, Q
Neoplasma (Neoplasma),vol(63), issue(1),  
Altered levels of plasma chemokines in breast cancer and their association with clinical and pathological characteristics.
Narita, D Seclaman, E Anghel, A Ilina, R Cireap, N Negru, S Sirbu, I O Ursoniu, S Marian, C
Neoplasma (Neoplasma),vol(63), issue(1),  
A survey of overall life satisfaction and its association with breast diseases in Chinese women.
Bai, Aili Li, Haixin Huang, Yubei Liu, Xueou Gao, Ying Wang, Peishan Dai, Hongji Song, Fengju Hao, Xishan Chen, Kexin
Cancer medicine (Cancer Med),vol(5), issue(1),  Jan.2016
Low Dose, Low Cost Estradiol Pellets Can Support MCF-7 Tumour Growth in Nude Mice without Bladder Symptoms.
Dall, Genevieve Vieusseux, Jessica Unsworth, Ashleigh Anderson, Robin Britt, Kara
Journal of Cancer (J Cancer),vol(6), issue(12),  
Progesterone in Breast Cancer Angiogenesis.
Botelho, Monica C Soares, Raquel Alves, Helena
SM journal of reproductive health & infertility (SM J Reprod Health Infertil),vol(1), issue(1),  
Inherited mutations in cancer susceptibility genes are common among survivors of breast cancer who develop therapy-related leukemia.
Churpek, Jane E Marquez, Rafael Neistadt, Barbara Claussen, Kimberly Lee, Ming K Churpek, Matthew M Huo, Dezheng Weiner, Howard Bannerjee, Mekhala Godley, Lucy A Le Beau, Michelle M Pritchard, Colin C Walsh, Tom King, Mary-Claire Olopade, Olufunmilayo I Larson, Richard A
Cancer (Cancer),vol(122), issue(2),  Jan.2016
A self-directed home yoga programme for women with breast cancer during chemotherapy: A feasibility study.
Komatsu, Hiroko Yagasaki, Kaori Yamauchi, Hideko Yamauchi, Teruo Takebayashi, Toru
International journal of nursing practice (Int J Nurs Pract),vol(22), issue(3),  Jun.2016
Whole-mount pathology of breast lumpectomy specimens improves detection of tumour margins and focality.
Clarke, Gina M Holloway, Claire M B Zubovits, Judit T Nofech-Mozes, Sharon Liu, Kela Murray, Mayan Wang, Dan Yaffe, Martin J
Histopathology (Histopathology),vol(69), issue(1),  Jul.2016
Alcohol consumption and breast cancer risk by estrogen receptor status: in a pooled analysis of 20 studies.
Jung, Seungyoun Wang, Molin Anderson, Kristin Baglietto, Laura Bergkvist, Leif Bernstein, Leslie van den Brandt, Piet A Brinton, Louise Buring, Julie E Eliassen, A Heather Falk, Roni Gapstur, Susan M Giles, Graham G Goodman, Gary Hoffman-Bolton, Judith Horn-Ross, Pamela L Inoue, Manami Kolonel, Laurence N Krogh, Vittorio Lof, Marie Maas, Paige Miller, Anthony B Neuhouser, Marian L Park, Yikyung Robien, Kim Rohan, Thomas E Scarmo, Stephanie Schouten, Leo J Sieri, Sabina Stevens, Victoria L Tsugane, Schoichiro Visvanathan, Kala Wilkens, Lynne R Wolk, Alicja Weiderpass, Elisabete Willett, Walter C Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, Anne Zhang, Shumin M Zhang, Xuehong Ziegler, Regina G Smith-Warner, Stephanie A
International journal of epidemiology (Int J Epidemiol),vol(45), issue(3),  Jun.2016

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