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Protective Effects of macelignan on cisplatin-induced hepatotoxicity is associated with JNK activation.
Sohn, Jong Hee Han, Kyu Lee Kim, Jeong-Hwan Rukayadi, Yaya Hwang, Jae-Kwan
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin (Biol. Pharm. Bull.),vol(31), issue(2),  Feb.2008
Selective production of epothilone B by heterologous expression of propionyl-CoA synthetase in Sorangium cellulosum.
Han, Se Jong Park, Sang Woo Park, Byung Woo Kim Sim, Sang Jun
Journal of microbiology and biotechnology (J. Microbiol. Biotechnol.),vol(18), issue(1),  Jan.2008
PolyHEMA spheroids are an inadequate model for the drug resistance of the intractable solid tumors.
Steadman, Kenneth Stein, Wilfred D Litman, Thomas Yang, Sherry X Abu-Asab, Mones Dutcher, Sarah K Bates, Susan
Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.) (Cell Cycle),vol(7), issue(6),  Mar.2008
Oncolytic adenovirus-mediated shRNA against Apollon inhibits tumor cell growth and enhances antitumor effect of 5-fluorouracil.
Chu, L Gu, J Sun, L Qian, Q Qian, C Liu, X
Gene therapy (Gene Ther.),vol(15), issue(7),  Apr.2008
Beyond chemotherapy--demystifying the new 'targeted' cancer treatments.
Dear, Rachel Wilcken, Nicholas Shannon, Jenny
Australian family physician (Aust Fam Physician),vol(37), issue(1-2),  
Mechanisms of regulation of hemopoiesis during experimental cytostatic myelosuppression induced by carboplatin.
Dygai, A M Zhdanov, V V Zyuz'kov, G N Udut, E V Simanina, E V Gur'yantseva, L A Khrichkova, T Yu Stavrova, L A Epshtein, O I Sergeeva, S A Gol'dberg, E D
Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine (Bull. Exp. Biol. Med.),vol(143), issue(5),  May.2007
Neoadjuvant imatinib in a gastrointestinal stromal tumor of the rectum: report of a case.
Ebihara, Yuma Okushiba, Shunichi Kawarada, You Kitashiro, Shuji Katoh, Hiroyuki Kondo, Satoshi
Surgery today (Surg. Today),vol(38), issue(2),  
Nodal micrometastases status--will it influence decisions on surgical and adjuvant treatment for breast cancer?
Harissis, H Fatouros, M
Annals of surgical oncology (Ann. Surg. Oncol.),vol(15), issue(4),  Apr.2008
Perioperative chemotherapy for gastric cancer.
Catarci, Marco Carrara, Alessandro
Annals of surgical oncology (Ann. Surg. Oncol.),vol(15), issue(4),  Apr.2008
25th Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium. Innovative Cancer Therapy for Tomorrow. 6-10 November 2007, New York, NY, USA.
Chew, Helen K
IDrugs : the investigational drugs journal (IDrugs),vol(11), issue(2),  Feb.2008
A modified surgical procedure for microdialysis probe implantation in the lateral ventricle of a FVB mouse.
Shen, Jun Fraga, Charles Calabrese, Christopher McCarville, M Beth Schaiquevich, Paula Stewart, Clinton F
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences (J Pharm Sci),vol(97), issue(11),  Nov.2008
Assessment of gastrointestinal stromal tumors with computed tomography following treatment with imatinib mesylate.
Phongkitkarun, Sith Phaisanphrukkun, Cholada Jatchavala, Janjira Sirachainan, Ekaphop
World journal of gastroenterology (World J. Gastroenterol.),vol(14), issue(6),  Feb.2008
Physical activity in patients with advanced-stage cancer actively receiving chemotherapy.
Clark, Matthew M Vickers, Kristin S Hathaway, Julie C Smith, Merideth Looker, Sherry A Petersen, Larra R Pinto, Bernardine M Rummans, Teresa A Loprinzi, Charles L
The journal of supportive oncology (J Support Oncol),vol(5), issue(10),  
Pharmacogenomics of acute leukemia.
Ansari, Marc Krajinovic, Maja
Pharmacogenomics (Pharmacogenomics),vol(8), issue(7),  Jul.2007
Predicting outcome to VEGF-targeted therapy in metastatic clear-cell renal cell carcinoma: data from recent studies.
Golshayan, Ali-Reza Brick, Ashley J Choueiri, Toni K
Future oncology (London, England) (Future Oncol),vol(4), issue(1),  Feb.2008
Trastuzumab as the lead monoclonal antibody in advanced breast cancer: choosing which patient and when.
Olver, Ian N
Future oncology (London, England) (Future Oncol),vol(4), issue(1),  Feb.2008
Physicians' judgement and comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) select different patients as fit for chemotherapy.
Wedding, Ulrich Kdding, Daphne Pientka, Ludger Steinmetz, Hans T Schmitz, Stefan
Critical reviews in oncology/hematology (Crit. Rev. Oncol. Hematol.),vol(64), issue(1),  Oct.2007
Gamma-glutamyltransferase, redox regulation and cancer drug resistance.
Pompella, Alfonso Corti, Alessandro Paolicchi, Aldo Giommarelli, Chiara Zunino, Franco
Current opinion in pharmacology (Curr Opin Pharmacol),vol(7), issue(4),  Aug.2007
Defining the role of mTOR in cancer.
Guertin, David A Sabatini, David M
Cancer cell (Cancer Cell),vol(12), issue(1),  Jul.2007
Non-mammalian models for epigenetic analyses in cancer.
Schaefer, Matthias Meusburger, Madeleine Lyko, Frank
Human molecular genetics (Hum. Mol. Genet.),vol(16 Spec No 1), issue(),  Apr.2007
New cyclodextrin bioconjugates for active tumour targeting.
Salmaso, Stefano Bersani, Sara Semenzato, Alessandra Caliceti, Paolo
Journal of drug targeting (J Drug Target),vol(15), issue(6),  Jul.2007
Synthesis, computational study and cytotoxic activity of new 4-hydroxycoumarin derivatives.
Stanchev, Stancho Momekov, Georgi Jensen, Frank Manolov, Ilia
European journal of medicinal chemistry (Eur J Med Chem),vol(43), issue(4),  Apr.2008
The prognostic significance of extracapsular lymph node involvement in node positive patients with colonic cancer.
Wind, J ten Kate, F J W Kiewiet, J J S Lagarde, S M Slors, J F M van Lanschot, J J B Bemelman, W A
European journal of surgical oncology : the journal of the European Society of Surgical Oncology and the British Association of Surgical Oncology (Eur J Surg Oncol),vol(34), issue(4),  Apr.2008
Dihydroxyxanthones prenylated derivatives: synthesis, structure elucidation, and growth inhibitory activity on human tumor cell lines with improvement of selectivity for MCF-7.
Castanheiro, Raquel A P Pinto, Madalena M M Silva, Artur M S Cravo, Sara M M Gales, Lus Damas, Ana M Nazareth, Nar Nascimento, Maria S J Eaton, Graham
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry (Bioorg. Med. Chem.),vol(15), issue(18),  Sep.2007
Progesterone sensitizes breast cancer MCF7 cells to imatinib inhibitory effects.
Rocha, Ana Azevedo, Isabel Soares, Raquel
Journal of cellular biochemistry (J. Cell. Biochem.),vol(103), issue(2),  Feb.2008

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