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The impact of smoking on incident type 2 diabetes in a cohort with hepatitis B but not hepatitis C infection.
Wang, C-S Chang, T-T Yao, W-J Wang, S-T Chou, P
Journal of viral hepatitis (J. Viral Hepat.),vol(24), issue(12),  Dec.2017
Work Role Residuals Among Fully Retired Individuals: Results of a 10-Year Panel Study.
Damman, Marleen Henkens, Kčne
Research on aging (Res Aging),vol(39), issue(7),  Aug.2017
Methylene blue modulates functional connectivity in the human brain.
Rodriguez, Pavel Singh, Amar P Malloy, Kristen E Zhou, Wei Barrett, Douglas W Franklin, Crystal G Altmeyer, Wilson B Gutierrez, Juan E Li, Jinqi Heyl, Betty L Lancaster, Jack L Gonzalez-Lima, F Duong, Timothy Q
Brain imaging and behavior (Brain Imaging Behav),vol(11), issue(3),  Jun.2017
Cognitive reserve moderates the relationship between neuropsychological performance and white matter fiber bundle length in healthy older adults.
Baker, Laurie M Laidlaw, David H Cabeen, Ryan Akbudak, Erbil Conturo, Thomas E Correia, Stephen Tate, David F Heaps-Woodruff, Jodi M Brier, Matthew R Bolzenius, Jacob Salminen, Lauren E Lane, Elizabeth M McMichael, Amanda R Paul, Robert H
Brain imaging and behavior (Brain Imaging Behav),vol(11), issue(3),  Jun.2017
Immunological and angiogenic markers during metronomic temozolomide and cyclophosphamide in canine cancer patients.
Denies, S Cicchelero, L de Rooster, H Daminet, S Polis, I Van de Maele, I Sanders, N N
Veterinary and comparative oncology (Vet Comp Oncol),vol(15), issue(2),  Jun.2017
New 2-Imino-2H-Chromene-3(N-aryl)carboxamides as Potential Cytotoxic Agents.
Gill, Rupinder Kaur Kumari, Jyoti Bariwal, Jitender
Anti-cancer agents in medicinal chemistry (Anticancer Agents Med Chem),vol(17), issue(1),  
When does chronic migraine strike? A clinical comparison of migraine according to the headache days suffered per month.
Torres-Ferrús, M Quintana, M Fernandez-Morales, J Alvarez-Sabin, J Pozo-Rosich, P
Cephalalgia : an international journal of headache (Cephalalgia),vol(37), issue(2),  Feb.2017
Long-term cost effectiveness of cardiac secondary prevention in primary care in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Gillespie, Paddy Murphy, Edel Smith, Susan M Cupples, Margaret E Byrne, Molly Murphy, Andrew W
The European journal of health economics : HEPAC : health economics in prevention and care (Eur J Health Econ),vol(18), issue(3),  Apr.2017
Insight into the Conformational Variations in SoxYZ Protein Complex from Two Different Members of the ?-Proteobacterial Family Involved in Sulfur Oxidation.
Ray, Sujay Bagchi, Angshuman
Interdisciplinary sciences, computational life sciences (Interdiscip Sci),vol(9), issue(2),  Jun.2017
Molecular and Immunological Basis of Tubulo-Interstitial Injury in Lupus Nephritis: a Comprehensive Review.
Yung, Susan Chan, Tak Mao
Clinical reviews in allergy & immunology (Clin Rev Allergy Immunol),vol(52), issue(2),  Apr.2017
Environmental dynamics of metal oxide nanoparticles in heterogeneous systems: A review.
Joo, Sung Hee Zhao, Dongye
Journal of hazardous materials (J. Hazard. Mater.),vol(322), issue(Pt A),  Jan.2017
Biosecurity Measures Applied in the United Arab Emirates - a Comparative Study Between Livestock and Wildlife Sectors.
Chaber, A L Saegerman, C
Transboundary and emerging diseases (Transbound Emerg Dis),vol(64), issue(4),  Aug.2017
Frequency of remnants of sealants left behind in pits and fissures of occlusal surfaces after 2 and 3 years.
Hu, Xuan Zhang, WeiWei Fan, MingWen Mulder, Jan Frencken, Jo E
Clinical oral investigations (Clin Oral Investig),vol(21), issue(1),  Jan.2017
Pharmacokinetics, Safety and Tolerability of Sacubitril/Valsartan (LCZ696) After Single-Dose Administration in Healthy Chinese Subjects.
Han, Yi Ayalasomayajula, Surya Pan, Wei Yang, Fan Yuan, Yaozong Langenickel, Thomas Hinder, Markus Kalluri, Sampath Pal, Parasar Sunkara, Gangadhar
European journal of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (Eur J Drug Metab Pharmacokinet),vol(42), issue(1),  Feb.2017
Identification of Transporters Involved in Beraprost Sodium Transport In Vitro.
Oshida, Keiyu Shimamura, Masahiro Seya, Kazuhiro Ando, Akihiro Miyamoto, Yohei
European journal of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (Eur J Drug Metab Pharmacokinet),vol(42), issue(1),  Feb.2017
A Simple Model to Rank Shellfish Farming Areas Based on the Risk of Disease Introduction and Spread.
Thrush, M A Pearce, F M Gubbins, M J Oidtmann, B C Peeler, E J
Transboundary and emerging diseases (Transbound Emerg Dis),vol(64), issue(4),  Aug.2017
Lenalidomide potentiates CD4+CD25+Treg-related suppression of lymphoma B-cell proliferation.
Grygorowicz, Monika Anna Borycka, Ilona Sara Nowak, Eliza Paszkiewicz-Kozik, Ewa Rymkiewicz, Grzegorz B?achnio, Katarzyna Biernacka, Marzena Bujko, Mateusz Walewski, Jan Markowicz, Sergiusz
Clinical and experimental medicine (Clin. Exp. Med.),vol(17), issue(2),  May.2017
"Hospital was the Only Option": Experiences of Frequent Emergency Department Users in Mental Health.
Wise-Harris, Deborah Pauly, Daniel Kahan, Deborah Tan de Bibiana, Jason Hwang, Stephen W Stergiopoulos, Vicky
Administration and policy in mental health (Adm Policy Ment Health),vol(44), issue(3),  May.2017
Tough to Swallow: Esophageal Food Impaction from Esophageal Amyloidosis.
Palchaudhuri, Sonali Cornish, Toby Inouye, Casey Nimgaonkar, Ashish
Digestive diseases and sciences (Dig. Dis. Sci.),vol(62), issue(5),  May.2017
A Patient with HIV-Associated Metastatic Anal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Receiving Multimodality Therapy with Curative Intent: Case Report and Review of the Literature.
Kim, Sunhee S Kim, Grace E Ko, Andrew H
Journal of gastrointestinal cancer (J Gastrointest Cancer),vol(48), issue(1),  Mar.2017
Adenocarcinoma of Gall Bladder Metastasis to Cervix: a Case Report with Review of Literature.
Akhtar, Naseem Vishnoi, Jeewan Ram Kumar, Vijay Gupta, Sameer Agrawal, Preeti Rajan, Shiv Dontula, Prashant K
Journal of gastrointestinal cancer (J Gastrointest Cancer),vol(48), issue(2),  Jun.2017
PELA microspheres with encapsulated arginine-chitosan/pBMP-2 nanoparticles induce pBMP-2 controlled-release, transfected osteoblastic progenitor cells, and promoted osteogenic differentiation.
Xu, Xiaolong Qiu, Sujun Zhang, Yuxian Yin, Jie Min, Shaoxiong
Artificial cells, nanomedicine, and biotechnology (Artif Cells Nanomed Biotechnol),vol(45), issue(2),  Mar.2017
Associations between schizotypy and cerebral laterality.
Park, Haeme R P Waldie, Karen E
Laterality (Laterality),vol(22), issue(2),  Mar.2017
Factors Associated With HIV Testing Among Men in Haiti: Results From the 2012 Demographic and Health Survey.
Conserve, Donaldson F Iwelunmor, Juliet Whembolua, Guy-Lucien Sofolahan-Oladeinde, Yewande Teti, Michelle Surkan, Pamela J
American journal of men's health (Am J Mens Health),vol(11), issue(5),  Sep.2017
Chronotherapeutically Modulated Pulsatile System of Valsartan Nanocrystals-an In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation.
Biswas, Nikhil Kuotsu, Ketousetuo
AAPS PharmSciTech (AAPS PharmSciTech),vol(18), issue(2),  Feb.2017

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